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Marketing & Viewings

  • Once the property is ready we will attend to take marketing photographs and will prepare an A4 photographic Schedule for your property.
  • We will provide advice on the target rent for your property based on recent lettings in the area.
  • Your property will be advertised on the main rental advertising sites for Edinburgh & the Lothians as well as being displayed on our own website and office window.
  • We will arrange for a “To Let” board to be put up at the property.
  • We carry out accompanied viewings.


  • Each tenant applicant will require to complete a comprehensive Tenancy Application.
  • All interested tenants will be subject to referencing, including credit checks.
  • The Landlord is responsible for any cost in this connection

Legal Lease Documentation

We will prepare the legal lease documentation in accordance with current legislation

Photographic Inventory

We attend the property prior to the start of any new tenancy to prepare a full photographic inventory. This document shows the condition and layout of the property exactly as the tenants will find it when they move into the property. The tenants have the opportunity to mark up the inventory with any defects that they find when they take entry to the property prior to signing in acceptance of the condition of the property as they found it on entry to the property.

The inventory is a vital part of the lease documentation. If there is any dispute over the tenants deposit at the end of the tenancy then an Arbiter from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme holding the tenants deposit will make the final decision on the apportionment of the deposit. The Arbiter has never seen your property and will be looking for evidence to support any claim.

With Traquair your Inventory, regular inspection reports and thorough final inspection report all provide a photographic account of the tenancy from start to finish.

Full Management or Non-Management?

Up to this point we carry out the same work for you whether you use our Full Management Service or on Non-Management Service. Once you choose which service you want here’s what happens next ….

Full Management Service

  • Once the lease documentation is signed we will arrange for the tenant’s deposit to be transferred to our nominated Government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
  • You will be provided with copies of all lease documents including the photographic inventory and we will provide you with a Statement of Account and receipted fee notes.
  • We will notify the local authority for Council Tax purposes and have the bills apportioned as at the tenant’s date of entry to the property.
  • We will notify the utility providers of the meter readings at the start of the tenancy and have the bills apportioned as at the tenant’s date of entry to the property Throughout the tenancy we will carry out regular inspections every three months, and provide you with a photographic inspection report each time.
  • We will arrange to deal with any repairs or works as required throughout the tenancy and take your instructions on each occasion.
  • We collect the rent from the tenants each month and transfer the balance of rent in to your nominated account. The monthly receipted fee note and Statement will be emailed to you every month.
  • We will review the rent appropriate to the market levels for any new tenancy period.
  • We will serve the relative legal notices required at the end of the tenancy.
  • We will take your instructions on remarketing the property during the notice period to secure your new tenants to take entry to the property once the current tenant moves out, subject of course to referencing.
  • We will carry out a thorough final inspection and prepare a photographic inspection report detailing any defects, works required and proposed claim on the tenant’s deposit, if applicable.
  • We will enter in to and deal with any Tenancy Deposit Dispute on your behalf.
  • We will attend to any works required to the property prior to your new tenant moving in.
  • We will renew all safety certificates when required for your property.
  • We will keep you up-to-date with any changes to legislation

Non-Management Service

Once the lease documentation is signed we will send this to you with the balance of rent and the tenant's Deposit so that you can arrange to transfer it to your nominated Government approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

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